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Public Safety Promotion Campaign

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Hub Support

Branding and thought leadership by supporting EIU Safe Cities Index research project.

Sponsoring EIU reports

Securing the digital city: Cyber-threats and responses

The Safe Cities Index 2015

Sponsoring the EIU Safe Cities Hub website (Jan 2015-)



Larger viewKey insights from Securing the digital city

Larger viewDigital Security Index

Larger viewKey insights from the Safe City Index

Online Ad

Larger viewOct - Nov 2016

Larger viewNov - Dec 2015

Larger viewSep 2015

Larger viewSep 2015

Digital Ad

Larger viewMobile App "Espresso" Oct 2016

Larger viewEconomist Digital Edition Feb-Mar 2016

Larger viewEconomist Digital Edition Dec-5 2015, Feb- Mar 2016
Mobile App "Espresso" Mar 2016

(As of June 5, 2017)

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