Industry Eco-System

A digital revolution creating new value to drive growth and global competitiveness

Organic integration of people, things and processes through IoT, the rapid digitalization of production and sales activities, the emergence of new business offerings in response to diversified consumer experiences and high-level needs, and many other factors are driving ongoing structural changes in our industries.
NEC is delivering next-generation eco-systems for industry through the creation of new digital platforms.

How do we cope with game changing events?

Game changing events that ripple out into multiple fields across industry boundaries are occurring more frequently due to rapid changes in market structure driven by maturing markets and advances in information and communications technologies (ICT).
Today, how to create—and respond to—game changing events are not only topics for venture startups; they must be on the agenda of all enterprises.
To lead the competition in the coming age we need to devise new business models, such as product-as-a-service, to create new value from Big Data. The creation of flexible ecosystems that can respond to a multitude of changes continues to emerge as a key element in maintaining a competitive edge.

Innovating the value chain to create new value

Digitalization driven by advanced ICT such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) gives enterprises a new degree of competitiveness. From now, we will see further advances in products and services that utilize AI technologies and value chains made visible by IoT. However, businesses will not succeed through technology alone: we will need highly skilled human resources who have the vision and ability to conceive of new business models that surpass traditional frameworks. In other words, we need people who can “think outside the box.”
NEC is driving Value Chain Innovation by actively adopting “design thinking” to create a picture of how our society, and our future, should be. To turn this picture into reality, NEC fuses knowledge and skills to efficiently connect people, things and processes, leading to innovations such as an IoT platform that leverages cutting-edge AI technologies. These innovations are then applied in various areas of industry to create new value and to support the growth of enterprises, and society, into the future.

NEC initiatives for the future

NEC promotes Value Chain Innovation that creates new value by connecting people, things and processes.

Giving birth to new innovations
Collaborating with customers and fostering bold and enterprising human resources

NEC actively promotes “design thinking” whereby a picture of the ideal society and the ideal future is created and incorporated in products and services from the initial stages of design. NEC also prioritizes the fostering of human resources who can think innovatively and works together with customers through initiatives such as the NEC Manufacturing Co-creation Program to identify social and market issues and create the values required to resolve them.

Systematization of experience and best practices in production innovations
NEC Manufacturing Co-Creation Program

From microwave radio systems to satellites, NEC has systemized its experience and best practices in production innovations and supply chain reforms for its diverse range of manufacturing activities. The best practices and assets for strengthening supply chains and reforming work processes are delivered through four main concepts. At present NEC is engaged in a concerted effort to improve the Japanese manufacturing industry through a wide range of exchanges with 1,149* companies and approximately 3,500* members.

* As of the end of July 2016.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.