Safer Cities & Public Services

Creating safer and more secure societies
through cyber-physical security solutions

As globalization and the concentration of populations in cities progress, new safety risks from cyber attacks are increasing.
In addition to detecting potential crimes and disasters before they occur, NEC will contribute to the realization of a glocal administrative platform that demonstrates regional appeal by making use of the power of local residents in addition to support from industry, government, and academia.

Confronting threats that target both the cyber and physical worlds

The world today must confront various risks to cities and societies, such as cyber attacks, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. Developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to erase the borders between the cyber world and the real world (physical world), further fueling the sophistication of cyber attacks, and magnifying the threats from organized crimes that target physical systems as well. Targets for these threats have extended from particular individuals and organizations to include financial, industrial, as well as social systems that exceed national and regional borders, making the damage from attacks more extensive and severe. It has become more important than ever to develop security solutions that integrate cyber and physical measures to be able to protect cities and societies from such threats.

Utilizing AI and IoT to realize advanced security services

Handling sophisticated cyber attacks requires collaboration with expert partners—these attacks cannot be dealt with individually by companies and organizations. To protect important information systems from cyber attacks, we must use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unknown cyber attacks, as well as implement measures that preempt attacks, guaranteeing certainty of information, and carrying out secure hardware development. Also, in the area of physical security, NEC’s advanced biometrics, AI-driven image analysis, and IoT-based system abnormality detection technologies enable reliable personal identification and early discovery of unusual phenomena. It has become imperative to utilize advanced AI and IoT to strengthen security in both the cyber world and the physical world, and realize advanced security services that integrate measures for both these worlds.

Enhancing convenience through collaboration
in delivering a wide variety of services

Security services built through the utilization of AI, IoT, and Big Data not only reinforce security, but also play a major role as a platform for delivering services with higher added-value to enhance people’s lives and society as a whole. Delivery of diverse and highly convenient services is made possible through collaborations between different industries beyond national and municipal boundaries, such as collaborations among government, education, economy, finance, welfare, and medicine, inter-agency collaborations, and industry-government-academia partnerships. As an information and communications technology (ICT) vendor possessing advanced technologies in all areas of computing, networking, and security, NEC will continue to pursue the creation of new social values both in terms of providing safety and security through cyber-physical security measures, and providing efficient and equal services through the realization of city and government infrastructures fit for future generations.

Providing diverse, highly convenient services for residents

Keeping cities safe and secure through security services that integrate measures for both the cyber and physical worlds
Toshio Nawa
Executive Director /
Senior Security Analyst
Cyber Defense Institute, Inc.

The security measures taken by managers can make or break a company

We have now reached a point where cyber attacks are seriously affecting the business activities of corporations and the administration of organizations. Managers today need to change the way they think about security, from viewing it as merely another “cost” to recognizing it as an “investment”—in the creation of safe and secure products and the maintenance, and improvement, of corporate brand value and international competitiveness.
Keeping your company safe and secure requires effort and planning. Most companies on the global stage are aware of this and see security as a cornerstone of business activities.
A key element in boosting international competitiveness is for companies to ensure that they, and their products, are sufficiently secure.
The Cybersecurity Management Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan) state that companies absolutely must implement proactive cyber security measures if they want to become more competitive in international markets.
It is fair to say that that we are now at the point where the leadership shown by managers in adopting security measures will make or break their company.

NEC initiatives for the future

NEC pursues advanced initiatives for both the cyber and physical worlds in order to maintain the safety and security of cities and societies.

Cyber Security Factory:
Reinforcing domestic and overseas security support systems

The Cyber Security Factory, NEC’s core facility for security support, consolidates human resources, information, and technologies and formulates security measures against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, while sharing the latest trends in attack methods, malware, and knowhow on countermeasures.
NEC is also further strengthening its global operation framework for contributing to safer and more secure cities by establishing a Security Operation Center (SOC) in six countries including Singapore, Australia, and Brazil.

Multimodal Biometrics Identification:
Improving reliability and convenience of identification through a combination of multiple biometric solutions

In addition to its Fingerprint Identification and Face Recognition technologies that are ranked as the world’s most accurate*, NEC is also developing a variety of other biometric solutions based on palm print, finger vein, iris, ear cavity shape, and DNA.
NEC has a strong track record in combining multiple biometrics technologies into multimodal identification solutions such as a Hybrid Finger Identification solution based on fingerprint and finger vein features and national ID services that use face, iris, and fingerprint authentication.
These and other solutions are part of NEC’s efforts to further improve reliability and convenience of security measures.

  • *
    Ranked No.1 in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmark testing.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

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