NEC's pursuit of social value creation

The promise of better societies and
a brighter future through co-creation initiatives
with customers and partners

The cornerstone of our business—“Orchestrating a brighter world.” NEC is bringing together technologies, expertise and ideas and orchestrating projects with people around the world to “co-create” a society that is filled with hope and offers a brighter future for everyone.

For People, Society and Our Future Seven themes
for the co-creation of new social value

NEC has devised seven themes from wide-ranging perspectives, including the environment, society, industry and daily lifestyles, by identifying six megatrends. These themes are embodied in our Solutions for Society business, through which we aim to solve the issues facing society by maximizing the benefits of information and communications technologies (ICT).
In the megatrends we have identified, it is forecast that we will be consuming two planets’ worth of resources by 2050. But this estimate assumes that we will not change our present lifestyles. When we take a renewed look at the way society and industry work today, we can identify countless ways in which we are wasting our precious resources.
For example, it is estimated that about one third of the 3.9 billion tons of food produced annually in the world is wasted. Also, while safe potable water accounts for only 0.01% of all water on earth, between ten and forty percent of potable water in many cities is wasted through leakage.
To address these issues, we believe that we can drastically decrease waste and achieve a sustainable society by leveraging ICT to overhaul entire systems, including our systems of distribution and consumption, without increasing production.
Based on our Seven Themes for Social Value Creation, we will continue utilizing our ICT assets to organically integrate social infrastructures while working together with our customers to create new value that will lead to a better society and a brighter future in which safe, secure, efficient, and equal services are widely available to everyone.

Six Megatrends

The Seven Themes for Social Value Creation

Sustainable Earth

Establish a sustainable lifestyle base by utilizing limited resources effectively and taking measures to prevent damage to the global environment in order to live in harmony with the earth.

Safer Cities & Public Services

Help emerging countries build safe
and secure cities, and help developed countries mature their societies. Establish a “glocal” administrative service platform through joint initiatives between the public and private sectors.

Lifeline Infrastructure

Establish ICT systems that resolve disparities of area and delivery time, and build safe and efficient lines for travel, utilities, etc. that can support around-the-clock activities in society.


Build a platform for information and communications infrastructure to support the distribution of information and knowledge, which becomes more important as society advances.

Industry Eco-System

Innovate a new industrial ecosystem including connection of industrial machinery with the Internet, 3D printers, crowdsourcing, and reverse innovation.

Work Style

Create new work styles and relationships with society in which people collaborate with AI and robots regardless of gender, generation, and region.

Quality of Life

Build a diversified and equal society to support people’s enriched and active lives through contributions to education, healthcare, and medicine.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.