Precautions Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This material includes forward-looking statements of NEC Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to simply as "NEC") concerning strategies, financial goals, technologies, products, services, and track records. These statements may also be included in materials provided to the regulatory authorities of financial instruments exchange and the Kanto Finance Bureau, as well as reports and other notifications for shareholders. When disclosing such information, NEC abides by safe-harbor rules regarding future predictions. These statements are based on hypotheses, data, and methods that are currently available, and are not necessarily correct, meaning that NEC's predicted results may not be achievable. Forward-looking statements are merely NEC's analyses and predictions, and do not guarantee future results. For this reason, these statements should not be relied on to an excessive degree. Also, because these statements contain risks and uncertain factors, the actual result may be significantly different than predicted. Factors that affect actual results are: 1) The international and general economic situations surrounding NEC's business domain; 2) Downward price pressure due to increased competition and changes in demand for NEC products and services in the marketplace; 3) NEC's ability to continually provide products and services that are appealing to customers in a fiercely competitive market; 4) NEC's ability to expand business into foreign markets such as China; 5) Changes and uncertainty in regulations regarding NEC business activities, and potential legal responsibilities; 6) NEC's ability to rework its management structure in response to changes in the market environment and adapt its business accordingly; 7) Changes in currency exchange rates (especially the USD and yen); 8) Decrease in listed stocks held by NEC leading to a decline in stock prices, and unfavorable conditions or developments in the stock market; and 9) Effects from measures or legal proceedings taken against NEC by regulatory authorities. Forward-looking statements are strictly predictions based on the data available upon the day of announcement. Because new risks and uncertain factors continually appear, they are impossible to predict. Regardless of new information and future events, NEC will not necessarily review forward-looking statements.

The business objectives contained in this material do not represent current estimates by the administration concerning predicted or future results, but rather goals that the administration is working to achieve by carrying out NEC business strategies.

Statements in this material do not constitute an offer of securities for sale. Securities may not be offered or sold in any country or region absent registration or an exemption from registration if so required under the applicable laws of that country or region.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

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