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QUEK Joo Khuan

Providing Optimum Cyber Security Solutions for Countries and Regions around the World from Singapore

What is your role and job as a leader in NEC's first overseas division?

QUEK Joo Khuan
QUEK Joo Khuan
Global Business Leader (Cyber Security)
Global Safety Division,

We urgently need better and more global-scale measures to counter cyber attacks that are growing more sophisticated and diversified. It is for this reason that NEC established the Global Safety Division (GSD) to which I belong as its first overseas division. One of the major roles of the GSD is to supply safe and secure cyber security solutions to countries and regions around the world, thereby providing them with the capabilities they need to ensure a higher level of public safety.
As the business leader of the GSD, which is located in Singapore, I am mainly in responsible for three areas. The first is solutions business development and sales, and management and strengthening of our cyber security team. The second is the development and deployment of solutions with global application. The third is providing specialized technical support for our solutions services in the APAC region as part of our brief as a Regional Competence Center.

Tell us about the work involved in developing business globally, and which points are of particular importance to you.

In global business there are many differences between regions and countries, such as language barriers, different legal regulations and policies, different customer needs, and different levels of available infrastructure. To overcome these differences in the most effective way possible, we are using a process called Ready to Sell. With Ready to Sell, products, definitions for system integration, prices, logic, maintenance and other factors are pre-defined in a check sheet that we use when developing a business field.
To meet the broad range of cyber security needs in the international community, we are particularly focused on developing human resources. For example, we are working closely with the Economic Development Board of Singapore to send people to the Japanese Cyber Security Factory, which is a specialized cyber intelligence center, for five months of training. We are also training experts in cyber security. We are able to do this because we have a very close connection with NEC in Japan.

What is your focus as a business leader and your take on future developments?

Recently we opened a Singapore version of the Cyber Security Factory that has been so successful in Japan. We will be cooperating with the Japanese Cyber Security Factory by sharing information about cyber attack threats, so that we can guard our customers systems 24 hours a day.
However, we will not simply be transplanting Japanese know-how and processes. Rather, we will be using Japanese experience and technologies to develop solutions and services tailored to the circumstances and needs of our customers in their own regions. We also plan to add original made-in-Singapore elements to strengthen our global security monitoring network. In the future, we hope to look beyond APAC and also provide security solutions to Europe, South America, Africa and other areas.

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