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Jun Goto

Know your vulnerabilities and predict the attack methods of your enemies. That is the strategy behind proactive cyber security.

What kind of cyber attacks are happening now, and what kind of cyber security measures need to be taken to combat them?

Jun Goto
Jun Goto
Senior Manager
Cyber Security Strategy Division

In addition to targeted attacks that aim at a specific target, recently there are more attacks that try to find vulnerabilities through which corporate ICT systems can be infiltrated. Information and communications technologies are constantly evolving, making it difficult to totally defend and protect entire ICT systems; in fact it is not reasonable to even attempt this. To repel these attacks, companies and organizations that are on the defending side must understand the vulnerabilities in their own systems. By using the power of information to understand the "big picture" of your own ICT environment, you can take the appropriate action to prevent a specific problem from developing, or to minimize the damage should an infiltration occur.
"Know your own vulnerabilities and take swift countermeasures." This kind of proactive cyber security will become increasingly vital in the future. I am currently involved in the planning and marketing of safe, advanced products that help implement proactive security against increasingly stealthy cyber attacks. As an example, the best way to handle a fire is not by wasting time looking for the source or running down the road searching for a fire extinguisher: it is knowing beforehand the places where fires are most likely to occur and having fire extinguishers located near at hand. Proactive cyber security is based on this concept.

What is your focus in planning proactive cyber security products, and what aspects do you feel are particularly important?

In order to plan advanced products that can combat the continuous barrage of new threats that appear, we need a lot of information and knowledge about things like the latest attack methods, advancements in security technology, and problems customers are having in implementing robust security. Once we acquire this information, we collaborate with our laboratories, software development teams, frontline engineers who actually run the monitoring services, and partner companies to "co-create" new product plans. The thing I place greatest importance on in my work is communication with a wide variety of people. No matter how advanced the security functions and tools are, if they are so complicated that the customer must invest a lot of time and effort to use them, they are no good. Therefore, all of our products are planned with a strong emphasis on user friendliness. At NEC we use our proactive cyber security experience gained through operating the approximately 180,000 servers and terminals in our own group to provide our customers with solutions packages that combine advanced security functions and services with practical operations know-how.

What is the outlook for cyber security and what are your thoughts for the future as someone in charge of product planning?

We predict that the cyber attacks on Japan will increase as we approach 2020. In addition, as more things become connected to IoT, threats will not be limited to ICT environments, but will also target physical systems, such as critical infrastructure. That will make cyber security even more important than it is now. We at NEC are at the forefront of R&D focusing on advanced security measures for IoT.
NEC is developing global cyber security solutions by opening overseas facilities and maintaining close relations with Interpol. Recently, the quality and reliability of NEC's cyber security has provided us with an outstanding reputation not only in Japan but overseas as well. Personally, I hope to provide more advanced cyber security solutions through NEC's technological research and solution development, and work together with our partners around the world to help make society safer.

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