Co-creation of Social Value

Co-creation at NEC

NEC is focusing on developing Solutions for Society that will help resolve many of the issues the world is facing and lead to the creation of a brighter and more prosperous society. Through co-creation initiatives with many different stakeholders, including customers and business partners, citizens and government agencies, and international institutions, we are actively devising new business models to create social value by harnessing our extensive ICT assets.

Creating the Future with Our Customers

NEC provides value to customers and co-creates the social values of safety, security, efficiency, and equality by focusing on the three processes of awareness of fundamental issues of customers and society, collaboration for generating value such as open innovation, and value creation that leverages leading-edge ICT including AI and IoT.

NEC Co-creation Programs

NEC has developed Co-creation Programs that cover each step in the co-creation process aimed at solving our customers' issues. Co-creation at NEC is a comprehensive approach that encompasses all stages from identifying social issues to introducing solutions. Because our divisions co-create in a very tight-knit way, the value we create is highly innovative and leads to the establishment of strong businesses.

Issue Discovery Program

In this program, we work together with our customers to clarify the essence of issues by surveying trends and needs so that we can generate ideas from a social perspective, conducting interviews and observations to clarify real needs, and holding workshops to create social value.

Digital Business Creation Program

In this program, we conceptualize and plan digital businesses for our customers, as well as digital businesses that we will be involved in as partners. This program combines user experience (UX) design, business consulting, and technical consulting.

Verification Support Program

In this program, we verify the benefits of utilizing ICT such as AI and IoT based on business and system requirements. We verify the benefits, both in verification environments and by using our customers' actual data.

Utilization Program

In this program, we formulate plans for utilizing ICT such as AI and IoT, provide the infrastructure for utilizing ICT, and provide support for development and operations in expectation of daily improvements.

Methodologies Utilized by NEC for Co-creation

This video describes the design methodologies that NEC uses to create new value.

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Co-creation at NEC
Design methodologies to create new value

NEC creates new value for society and customers through co-creation with many different stakeholders.

In our co-creation activities we utilize Social Value Design, a design policy that NEC has been implementing for over 20 years.

Social Value Design leads to innovation from two points of view: "user experience" and "social experience."

Through co-creation, NEC generates ideas by understanding many different users and society, and visualizing the ideal scenario for them.

We are able to create new value for society and customers through co-creation with a diverse group of partners by utilizing this design policy.

The value creation process in Social Value Design is divided into two phases: "understanding" and "visualizing." The final output is elicited by sharing information and making sure everyone's ideas are in harmony in each phase.

In the "UX Observation Tour," tour members actually conduct field work. By making observations from various viewpoints, they are able to notice many different things.

The "Stakeholder Card" can be used to understand people in different situations, and the "Social Value Design Map" can be used to understand user value and social value.

The "Persona" is used to describe the characteristics of a user shared with the members, and the ideal scenario.

The "UX Map" is used to develop ideas based on the desired experience and needs of the "Persona."

We are also looking at creating support tools for making the "Persona" and "UX Map."

Two designers stimulate the creativity of members by conducting design facilitation in pairs and visualizing ideas that lead to innovations.

These methodologies are used to describe the ideal future scenario.

In our example of Tigre in Argentina, we are working with the city to create a vision for future city planning.

We want to bring innovation to our customers' businesses by thinking about value for society.

We want to notice more things and become the specialists who will build the future.

Through co-creation at NEC, we are creating new value for society and our customers, and continuing to build the future.

Specific Co-creation Initiatives

Introduction to co-creation initiatives with customers.

Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.