Specific Co-creation Initiatives

2030 Vision for Tigre

We conducted a study of the city from a citizen's perspective, such as moving about using public transport. We then shared a vision for the city with municipal employees in a workshop format. The vision was presented in a story-telling format, and this led to the creation of a solution.

Yokkaichi Asunaro Railroad Project

This is a co-creation project based on the theme of transforming a regional railroad to promote regional regeneration. The goal of the project is to pursue a future of sustainable local public transportation by utilizing design thinking and ICT.

DAIKIN: Air and Space That Increases Intellectual Productivity

We are working together with Daikin Industries to create dynamic spaces and environments by combining Daikin’s technology and knowledge about air with NEC's advanced AI and IoT technologies.

Co-creation by Combining Medicine, Design, and ICT

Through a co-creation project with Kitahara International Hospital and Tama Art University, we are thinking from the perspective of ordinary people and designing a type of medical care that is absorbed into people's lives. In the process, we are also producing ideal values for society.

Helping to improve food safety, an important issue for people in Taiwan

Working with students from Taiwan, NEC gathered information from places where food is supplied, such as markets and restaurants, from the perspective of ordinary people. NEC encouraged the students to think about how to achieve the improvements in eating habits that people in Taiwan are aiming for and how government-industry-academic collaborative solutions could be utilized to achieve these improvements, as well as make concrete proposals to this end.


Reading NEC Vision Book 2017

More information about NEC's vision for social value creation and the steps we are taking to achieve this vision can be found in NEC's Vision Books.